Registered Voters as of 04/27/2017 REP:258,775 DEM:386,727 LPF:1,528 Other:263,846 Total:910,876

Candidates For 2018 Election Cycle

DISCLAIMER:  This information is an unofficial reference of candidates provided by the Florida Division of Elections and is updated weekly as candidates file and update their information.

Office Candidate Name (Party) Status
U.S. Senator L. A. Jones (REP) Filed
U.S. Senator Tamika Lyles (DEM) Filed
U.S. Senator Marcia Roberta Thorne (NPA) Filed
Governor Henry E. Davis (DEM) Filed
Governor Timothy Michael Devine (REP) Filed
Governor Kyle Chaderwick Gibson (NPA) Filed
Governor Andrew D. Gillum (DEM) Filed
Governor Usha Jain (REP) Filed
Governor Thomas Christopher King (DEM) Filed
Governor Brooke Russell Locke Marx (DEM) Filed
Governor Louis Earl McClanahan III (DEM) Filed
Governor Bruce F. Nathan (REP) Filed
Governor Angel Luis Rivera (REP) Filed
Governor Randy Wiseman (LPF) Filed
Governor Daniel Paul Zutler (REP) Filed
Commissioner of Agriculture Denise Grimsley (REP) Filed
Commissioner of Agriculture Paul Paulson (REP) Filed
State Senator, Dist. 30 Rubin Anderson (DEM) Filed
State Senator, Dist. 30 Bobby Powell Jr. (DEM) Filed
State Representative, Dist. 81 Joseph Abruzzo (DEM) Filed
State Representative, Dist. 82 MaryLynn Magar (REP) Filed
State Representative, Dist. 85 Rick Roth (REP) Filed
State Representative, Dist. 86 Matt Willhite (DEM) Filed
State Representative, Dist. 87 David Ryan Silvers (DEM) Filed
State Representative, Dist. 88 Al Jacquet (DEM) Filed
State Representative, Dist. 91 Emily Slosberg (DEM) Filed
County Commissioner, Dist. 2 Sylvia L. Sharps (DEM) Filed
County Commissioner, Dist. 6 Tyron Donald Hanna (DEM) Filed
County Commissioner, Dist. 6 Melissa McKinlay (DEM) Filed
School Board, Dist. 3 Karen Brill Filed
School Board, Dist. 6 Marcia Andrews Filed
Palm Beach Soil & Water Conservation Group 1 Daniel H. Sohn Filed
Palm Beach Soil & Water Conservation Group 5 Karl Dickey Filed