Registered Voters as of 04/10/2019 REP:267,232 DEM:397,265 Other:281,078 Total:945,575
Candidate Finance Reports
2012 Election Cycle
Candidate Office Reports Last Filed
Amero, DanielCounty Commissioner, Dist. 11010/31/2012
Anderson, JosephPort of Palm Beach Group 1611/12/2012
Bailey, RosettaSchool Board, Dist. 557/26/2012
Barbieri, FrankSchool Board, Dist. 569/6/2012
Beer, KennethSchool Board, Dist. 119/24/2012
Berger, Mary LouiseCounty Commissioner, Dist. 5192/27/2013
Bittenbinder, RobertSchool Board, Dist. 1511/14/2012
Black, GeorgePort of Palm Beach Group 1243/14/2013
Bock, SharonClerk of the Circuit Court62/2/2013
Booras, TheodoreCounty Court Judge, Grp. 215/7/2012
Bosso-Pardo, SandraCounty Court Judge, Grp. 116/7/2012
Bradshaw, RicSheriff1011/12/2012
Bucher, SusanSupervisor of Elections711/1/2012
Carney, PeterTax Collector811/12/2012
Castor, FrankCounty Court Judge, Grp. 1916/19/2012
Cohen, JohnNorthern Improvement District Seat #4411/23/2012
Coleman, KevinSheriff411/8/2012
Damone, MichelleIndian Trail Improvement District Seat 492/7/2013
Dunkley, GaryIndian Trail Improvement District Seat 21011/14/2012
Engel, StevenGreater Boca Raton Beach & Park District Seat 5 (Outside City/ Within District)21/31/2013
Enright, JeanPort of Palm Beach Group 3121/30/2013
Enriquez, CarlosIndian Trail Improvement District Seat 2102/7/2013
Epstein, LisaClerk of the Circuit Court612/7/2012
Evans, PeterCounty Court Judge, Grp. 4910/29/2012
Gaboian, HarryCounty Commissioner, Dist. 1118/20/2012
Gannon, AnneTax Collector191/16/2013
Garrison, EdwardCounty Court Judge, Grp. 679/4/2012
Hanley, Laura AnnCounty Commissioner, Dist. 149/5/2012
Hanser, LeonardCounty Court Judge, Grp. 1047/6/2012
Hendrick, KennethIndian Trail Improvement District Seat 4912/5/2012
Howard, MichaelSchool Board, Dist. 1511/9/2012
Jara, StephenPalm Beach Soil & Water Conservation Group 2812/11/2012
Jax, ChristineSchool Board, Dist. 192/9/2013
Key, AlbertCounty Commissioner, Dist. 134/18/2012
Lemoine, KennethCounty Court Judge, Grp. 4611/29/2012
Levine, LowellSchool Board, Dist. 1109/25/2012
Levy, DavidCounty Commissioner, Dist. 1171/17/2013
Marc, MaxoSupervisor of Elections59/26/2012
Martin, DrewPalm Beach Soil & Water Conservation Group 2312/5/2012
Martinez, FelipeGreater Boca Raton Beach & Park District Seat 5 (Outside City/ Within District)711/14/2012
Martinez, MichaelJupiter Inlet Commission District 1411/5/2012
Mastics, GeorgePort of Palm Beach Group 279/14/2012
McDuffie, NelsonSupervisor of Elections511/12/2012
Meyer, StevenCounty Commissioner, Dist. 51311/2/2012
Montross, CliffCounty Commissioner, Dist. 3711/1/2012
Murgio, MichaelSchool Board, Dist. 1191/15/2013
Neuhoff, RickCounty Commissioner, Dist. 51411/5/2012
Nikolits, GaryProperty Appraiser69/20/2012
Perez, NancyCounty Court Judge, Grp. 516/29/2012
Powell, TraceyPort of Palm Beach Group 1102/11/2013
Richards, WaynePort of Palm Beach Group 1202/12/2013
Saltzburg, ChristopherJupiter Inlet Commission District 1410/5/2012
Schuler, AllisonTax Collector81/10/2013
Shaw, CharlesSchool Board, Dist. 248/9/2012
Stahman, CharlesProperty Appraiser49/18/2012
Stein, PeterNorthern Improvement District Seat #441/7/2013
Sullivan, JaneCounty Court Judge, Grp. 669/26/2012
Talley, JoeSheriff511/14/2012
Taylor, PriscillaCounty Commissioner, Dist. 763/21/2013
Thayer, TomGreater Boca Raton Beach & Park District Seat 5 (Outside City/ Within District)811/7/2012
Thompson, SamuelSheriff59/10/2012
Tocker, PaulCounty Commissioner, Dist. 5111/25/2013
Valeche, HalCounty Commissioner, Dist. 1112/3/2013
Vana, ShelleyCounty Commissioner, Dist. 391/28/2013
Walker, CleamondSheriff1010/7/2012
Weinroth, RobertProperty Appraiser99/15/2012
Committee Reports Last Filed
Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County94/9/2013
PBC Democratic Executive Committee910/9/2013
Republican Party of Palm Beach County104/8/2013
The Palm Beach County Green Party (DISSOLVED) 94/8/2013