Our Candidate Specialists have thoughtfully put together the information on this page and it should answer many of your questions, however, it is not comprehensive. It is your responsibility, as a candidate, to follow all relevant Florida election laws and local charters that might have a bearing on your filing or your qualifications to run for office.

Once you have decided to run for office, you will need to File and Qualify with the appropriate officer. The Filing and Qualifying Officer for county candidates is the Supervisor of Elections. The Filing and Qualifying Officer for a statewide or multi-county candidate is the Division of Elections in Tallahassee. The Filing and Qualifying Officer for municipal candidates is the Municipal Clerk. A list of offices and filing locations can be found here.  

More information about the office that you are seeking can be found on our Offices up for Election page. As always, our Candidate Specialists are available to answer any questions, (561) 656-6200, or candidates@votepalmbeach.gov.






STEP 1 – File Your Initial Paperwork



In order to become a candidate, you must file two forms with the office of the Supervisor of Elections:



1.) Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository Form DS-DE 9



  • This form MUST be filed prior to opening the campaign depository, accepting contributions, making expenditures, or circulating petition forms.


  • Filing your intent for candidacy is not complete until filing forms are accepted and date/time stamped by the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Office.
  • Special District Candidates are not required to file DS-DE 9 or open a campaign account unless you collect contributions or make expenditures for anything other than the qualifying fee or petition verification fee (F.S. 99.061).


2.) Statement of Candidate Form DS-DE 84



  • File this form no later than 10 days after filing the Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository. It is also allowable to file this form along with the DS-DE 9.


  • Judicial Candidates must also file a Statement of Candidate for Judicial Office  DS-DE 83.


STEP 2 – Filing Campaign Finance Reports



Once an individual has filed a DS-DE 9 and becomes a candidate for office, he or she will be required to file regular campaign treasurer reports with the qualifying officer.



  • These reports provide information on campaign contributions and expenditures.


  • Generally, reports are submitted monthly, but as the election gets closer, they will be reported more often.
  • Campaign finance reporting deadlines are included in candidate packets and at VotePalmBeach.gov.


STEP 3 – Choose One of the following Methods to Qualify as a Candidate



1.) Pay Qualifying Fee (F.S. 99.092)



Candidates that are filing for partisan office and affiliated with a political party have a qualifying fee based on 6% of the annual salary, as of July 1, 2021, of the office sought; candidates affiliated with no party or who are seeking a nonpartisan office pay 4% of the annual salary.






  • County Court Judge – TBD
  • County Commission – TBD
  • School Board - TBD
  • Port of Palm Beach – Partisan Candidate - $570.00; Nonpartisan Candidate - $380.00
  • Special Districts and Community Development Districts - $25.00



2.) Petition Process Form DS-DE 104 (F.S. 99.095 & Rule 1S-2.045)



Candidates have an option to waive the qualifying fee by collecting petitions instead. The number of signatures required is based on the number of registered voters as of the immediately preceding general election.



The deadline for submitting petitions to the Supervisor of Elections for signature verification is noon, the 28th day preceding the first day of the qualifying period for the office being sought.


Click here to download the 2020 Candidate Petition Handbook provided by the Florida Division of Elections. 






  • Judicial Candidates: Noon, Monday, March 28, 2022
  • County & District Office Candidates: Noon, Monday, May 16, 2022



  • County Commission
  • District 2 – TBD
  • District 4 – TBD
  • District 6 – TBD
  • School Board
  • Distrcit 3 - TBD
  • District 4 - TBD
  • Distrcit 6 - TBD
  • District 7 - TBD
  • Port of Palm Beach - TBD
  • Special Districts and Community Development Districts – 25


3.) Write-In Candidate (F.S. 99.061 (4))



Candidates seeking election as a write-in candidate shall not be required to pay a qualifying fee or obtain signatures on petitions. A write-in candidate in not entitled to have his or her name printed on any ballot; however, space for a write-in candidates name to be written in will be provided on the general election ballot



STEP 4 – Qualify During the Official Qualifying Period



1.) File two (2) forms with the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections office:



  • Candidate Oath – Forms vary according to partisan, nonpartisan, school board and judicial offices.  Your name must be printed as you wish it to appear on the ballot and it must be notarized.


  • Financial Disclosure Form (Form 1 or Form 6 depending on the office sought; Form 6 must be notarized).


2.) Pay the qualifying fee or submit Official Petition Certification (exception – Write-In Candidates).  



The fee must be paid by a properly executed check drawn on the campaign account. Petition Certification will be provided by the Supervisor of Elections after completion of the signature verification process.






  • Judicial Candidates: Noon, Monday, April 25, 2022 – Noon, Friday, April 29, 2022.


  • Constitutional, County, & District Offices: Noon, Monday, June 13, 2022 – Noon, Friday, June 17, 2022.




Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Main Office – 240 South Military Trail, West Palm Beach FL 33415; candidates@votepalmbeach.gov.


For additional information, please contact the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Office at 561-656-6200.





Candidates, Political Committees and Political Party Executive Committees are required to submit regular financial reports that include contributions and expenditures, following the deadlines specified by the Florida Division of Elections:


Candidates 2021 Cycle

Committees 2021 Cycle

Parties 2021 Cycle

Candidates 2022 Cycle


These reports are also known as Campaign Finance Reports and should be submitted to our office electronically. A Handbook for Candidates and Committees has step by step information on How to File Financial Reports Online.


Once you file for office, you will be listed as a candidate on our 2020 Announced Candidate page and your financial reports will be publicly posted on our website.


More information about Filing and Qualifying can be found on the Florida Division of Elections website


Florida Secretary of State Laurel M. Lee issued the following emergency rules:

Emergency Rule 1SER20-1 - Designation of Division of Elections as Filing Office for Department of State; Requirements for Candidate Qualifying Papers; Withdrawal of Candidacy. (Expired July 1, 2020; refer to Rule 1S-2.0001, Florida Administration Code.) 

Emergency Rule 1SER20-2  - Candidate Petition Process. (Expired July 1, 2020; refer to Rule 1S-2.045, Florida Administration Code.)


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