Registered Voters as of 03/19/2019 REP:266,749 DEM:396,781 Other:280,293 Total:943,823

Voting with Accessible Touchscreen Voting Machines

For every election, each polling place will have one Edge accessible voting machine that allows voters with disabilities to vote independently and privately. The accessible voting machine will also be available during early voting.

Voters can vote either using a touchscreen or audio ballot with the accessible voting machine. If you would like to use the accessible voting machine, please tell a pollworker.


Touchscreen Ballot

Voters can make ballot selections using a touchscreen and review their selections before casting their vote.

Audio Ballot and Handheld Keypad

For audio voting, the accessible voting machine is equipped with headphones and a Braille-embossed handheld keypad with keys coded by color and shape.

When using the audio ballot feature, the voting machine will provide voters with audio instructions and guide them through the ballot. The keypad is used to move through the ballot and make selections. If you would like to use the audio ballot feature, please tell a pollworker


Touchscreen Voting Instructions

Step 1: Select Language
Select the language in which you want to vote. You can choose English, Spanish or Creole.


Step 2: Select Candidates and Ballot Measure Choices
Make your selections by touching the candidate or choice for which you intend to cast your vote. A green check mark will appear in the circle indicating your selection.


To change your selection, touch your selection again. The check mark will disappear and you can make a new selection.

After making your selection, touch the Next arrow button at the bottom of the screen to go to the next contest or measure. Touch the Back arrow button to return to the previous screen.


Step 3: Review Selections
At the end of the ballot, a review screen is displayed showing all your selections. To change a selection, touch the box of the contest or measure and select a new candidate or choice. After completing your ballot review on screen, touch the yellow box on the screen.


Step 4: Cast Ballot or Make Changes
After verifying touch either Cast Ballot or Make Changes. Touch Cast Ballot to finish voting.

IMPORTANT! You cannot change your vote after Cast Ballot is pressed.

Touch Make Changes to change a selection. After you make a change you can review your ballot.


Write-in Candidates
To vote for a qualified write-in candidate, touch Write-in and a keyboard will appear on screen. Type the name of the candidate and press OK.


If your group or organization would like a demonstration of the Edge Voting machine, please contact the Supervisor of Elections office during regular business hours.