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Becoming a Candidate

A candidate is any person who:

  1. Seeks to qualify for nomination or election by means of the petitioning process;
  2. Seeks to qualify for election as a write-in candidate;
  3. Receives contributions or makes expenditures, or consents for any other person to receive contributions or make expenditures, with a view to bring about his or her nomination or election to, or retention in, public office;
  4. Appoints a treasurer and designates a primary depository; or
  5. Files qualification papers and subscribes to a candidate's oath as required by law.

(Section 106.011(13), F.S.)


Form DS-DE 9:

Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository for Candidates is the first document that must be filed with the filing officer to become a candidate. At that time the candidate must designate the office for which he or she is running. A candidate can appoint a campaign treasurer and designate a campaign depository at any time, but no later than the date the candidate qualifies for office. Nothing prohibits a person from announcing their intention to become a candidate prior to filing DS-DE 9, as long as no contributions are received and no expenditures are made.



  1. Shall be filed with the filing officer prior to opening the campaign account.
  2. Is not effective until the campaign treasurer signs it and it is filed with the filing officer.
  3. It is not considered filed upon mailing.
  4. Shall be on file with the filing officer prior to the candidate accepting contributions or making any expenditures, or authorizing another to accept contributions or make expenditures on the person's behalf.
  5. Shall be on file with the filing officer prior to obtaining signatures on a DS-DE 104, Candidate Petition.


Form DS-DE 84:

Statement of Candidate must be filed with the filing officer within ten (10) days after filing Form DS-DE 9. This form states that the candidate has received, read, and understands the requirements of Chapter 106, F.S. The execution and filing of the statement of candidate does not in and of itself create a presumption that any violation of Chapter 106, F.S., or Chapter 104, F.S., is a willful violation as defined in Section 106.37, F.S.


Form DS-DE 83:

Statement of Candidate for Judicial Office must be filed by each candidate for judicial office, including an incumbent judge, within ten (10) days after filing Form DS-DE 9. This form states that the judicial candidate has received, read, and understands the requirements of the Florida Code of Judicial Conduct.

(Sections 105.031, 106.021 and 106.023, F.S.)


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The filing officer is the person before whom a candidate qualifies:

 Division of Elections --------------------

 State, multicounty, district, and judicial offices
 (except county court judge)

 Supervisor of Elections -----------------

 County Court Judge, countywide, and district offices
 (except multicounty)

 Municipal Clerk --------------------------

 Municipal offices


(Section 106.011(11), F.S.)






 United States Senate
 United States Representative (Congress)
 Federal Elections Commission
 999 E Street NW
 Washington DC 20463
 Phone: 800-424-9530
 Attorney General
 Chief Financial Officer
 State Commissioner of Agriculture
 State Senate
 State House of Representatives
 Public Defender
 State Attorney Supreme Court Justice
 District Court of Appeals Judge
 Circuit Court Judge
 Loxahatchee River Environmental
 Control District (ENCON)
 Division of Elections
 500 S Bronough Street, Room 316
 Tallahassee FL 32399
 Phone: 850-245-6200
 County Court Judge
 Clerk of the Circuit Court
 Property Appraiser
 Supervisor of Elections
 Tax Collector
 County Commission
 School Board
 Special Districts
 Community Development Districts (CDD)
 Supervisor of Elections
 240 S Military Trail
 West Palm Beach FL 33415
 Phone: 561-656-6200