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Committee Reporting Guidelines

To obtain a complete list of Campaign Filing Requirements, please navigate to the State’s website for details.



Each campaign treasurer designated by a political committee shall file regular reports of all contributions received and all expenditures made by or on behalf of such political committee. (Section 106.07, F.S.)

Where to File
Reports are filed with the officer before whom the political committee registers. Committees filing reports with the Division of Elections are required to file by means of the Electronic Filing System (EFS). If the committee's filing officer is other than the Division of Elections, contact the appropriate filing officer to find out their requirements.

When to File
Reports must be completed and filed through the EFS no later than midnight of the day designated. If the EFS is inoperable on the due date, the report will be accepted as timely filed if filed no later than midnight of the first business day the EFS becomes operable.

Reports must be filed on the 10th day following the end of each calendar quarter from the time the campaign treasurer is appointed. If the 10th day occurs on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, the report must be filed on the next business day. Following the last day of qualifying, reports must be filed on the 32nd, 18th and 4th days immediately preceding the primary election and on the 46th, 32nd, 18th and 4th days immediately preceding the general election.