What is a Poll Worker?

Poll Workers are an important component of the elections process. Poll Workers are the front-line representation of the Supervisor of Elections Office. Often, a voter may never see a SOE staff member but will see Poll Workers at their polling location on Election Day.

Palm Beach County Poll Workers are highly trained individuals who are active voters, serving their community and local government proudly. Poll Workers interact well with the public and are able to manage busy situations. To become a Palm Beach County Poll Worker, you must meet the following requirements:



Palm Beach County Poll Workers are paid positions.

Poll Worker positions consist of:

Clerk ($265)*

In charge of all operations at the precinct and has additional responsibilities prior to Election Day, such as picking up your Clerk Supply Bag, contacting other Poll Workers assigned to the precinct and inspecting the polling place.

Assistant Clerk ($230)*

Supports the Clerk and shares their duties as needed and will substitute for the Clerk if they are unable to serve.

Inspectors ($185)*

Process voters to verify voter eligibility and assists voters with the use of our voting equipment.

Precinct Deputy ($170)*

Maintains peace and good order on the outside of the polling location.

* Rate of pay includes Election Day pay, Poll Worker training pay and/or election night return.

** If you retired from an FRS employer less than one year ago, working as a Poll Worker may jeopardize your FRS pension. Contact the Florida Retirement System at 1-866-446-9377 to verify how working as a Poll Worker will affect your FRS benefits.**

Poll Worker Frequently Asked Questions

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