How To Vote

How To Vote

Register to Vote

Confirm Receipt of Voter Information Card

Once your Voter Registration Application has been processed, you will be mailed a Voter Information Card which will have your precinct number and polling location listed as well as the districts in which you are eligible to vote.

Identify where you will vote on Election Day

You should find out where your polling location is prior to Election Day. If it is necessary to change your polling location, you will be sent a new Voter Registration Information Card; please make sure you destroy your old Voter Information Card when you receive your new one.

Bring photo ID to the Polling Place

Florida Law requires that you bring a photo ID with your signature with you when you go to the polls to vote on Election Day.

Acceptable forms of ID are:

Bring proof of signature

If the picture identification does not contain the signature of the voter, an additional identification that provides the voter's signature shall be required.

However, all registered voters will be permitted to vote even if they forget to bring identification, but they will be required to vote by provisional ballot. The canvassing board shall determine the validity of the ballot pursuant to Florida Statute 101.048(2).

Arrive at YOUR polling place

YOU MUST VOTE IN THE PRECINCT WHERE YOU LIVE! Pursuant to Florida Law, it is a third degree felony to vote in a precinct where you do not legally reside.  In Florida, the polls are open from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

When you check in at your polling place, you will be asked for identification and to sign a Precinct Register. The Poll Worker will then direct you to a voting booth. If you are not sure how to use the voting equipment, ask the Poll Workers for assistance. Do not hesitate to ask the poll workers for help if you have any questions or problems.

Get ready to Vote

Before going to your polling place on Election Day, you should familiarize yourself with the candidates and issues that will be on your Ballot. It is okay for you to bring in a marked Sample Ballot or information to help you make your decisions; but, be sure that you do not display the information for others to see. REMEMBER -- VOTING IS PRIVATE!